graenet consulting

Full coverage IT support for small to medium businesses. Mildura based but with clients in Sydney and elsewhere - Google Workspace cloud partner and smeserver/koozali support a specialty. Reseller and installation for Clove Internet VOIP services.

Graenet is a computer consulting business, Mildura Vic & Sydney based, operating since 1996, servicing the changing computer needs of small businesses and professional offices with a premium on personal attention to needs and detail.

Our expertise lies in configuring and deploying for the IT needs of small to medium enterprises from the ground up in as reliable and cost effective manner as possible. We work with Cloud technologies (primarily Google as a reseller of Workspace cloud services ) but also the traditional methodologies of office servers and network hardware along with user desktops and device support of all colours. Indeed many clients leverage a combination of cloud services and an office server because of the greater control and speed of local network access. Having your own server improves speed and efficiency in many ways for business dealing with large files that need rapid access and secure backup.

Our strength lies in building strong personal relationships with clients that can help you achieve what you need and aim for. We are not a hire and forget organisation but will work dynamically with you to adapt and meet the changing needs of your organisation and technology.

Ph: +61 4202 79316


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